15-Jul-2018Ann Arbor, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
We have alot more fruits and veggies than we expected. We are looking to can them.
15-Jul-2018Clawson, MI(20 miles)Items Wanted
Wanted: gravel / lava stones / crushed concrete for concrete base
15-Jul-2018Ann Arbor, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
Does anyone have a Burr coffee grinder that's not being used? I would like to try grinding my beans this way! Thanks.
14-Jul-2018Southfield, MI(16 miles)Items Wanted
up to 8, wanted for a garden project. Thank you!
14-Jul-2018Auburn Hills, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
Right now it has been hard. My self and my fiancee been washing our clothes and son clothes in the bath tub and hang drying them. Please we are in need of these items. Please and thank you.
14-Jul-2018Ann Arbor, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for acoustic guitar for my son-in-law who spends the summer with us! Anyone have one to offer? Thanks. Barb
14-Jul-2018Waterford, MI(14 miles)Items Wanted
i'm in need of a gas stove thanks can pick up
13-Jul-2018Clarkston, MI(17 miles)Items Wanted
I'm in need of a gas stove can pick up thanks
13-Jul-2018Clawson, MI(20 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a twin bed for my daughter
13-Jul-2018Birmingham, MI(19 miles)Items Wanted
In need of a twin size bed.
13-Jul-2018Birmingham, MI(19 miles)Items Wanted
We are looking for a twin size bed for our daughter. We just got out of a shelter and don't have much. Thank you.
13-Jul-2018Ypsilanti, MI(18 miles)Items Wanted
My oldest is moving out and is in need of a full size bed frame also a dining room table.
13-Jul-2018Auburn Hills, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
Hi, if you have any clothes size 34 or 36 pants or dresses or size 36 or 5x shirts in women's you no longer need or want, please contact me. Trying to return to work and need clothing. Also size 11 shoes. Was homeless and lost everything.
12-Jul-2018Clawson, MI(20 miles)Items Wanted
Computers, Servers, VCRs, Stereos, Game Consoles. Hard drives are rendered unreadable. Items are reused or RECYCLED locally and responsibly.
12-Jul-2018Clawson, MI(20 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for old style tension rods for my curtains. Please & Thank you!
12-Jul-2018Ann Arbor, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
My old sprinkler broke and I just need to use one in order to soften up the ground so I can dig. At the moment I can't get the shovel through the soil
Hi there! In search of a piano keyboard for practice. It will be greatly appreciated and I will travel! Thank you!
11-Jul-2018Ann Arbor, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a couple of Wii Remotes, if you happen to have any leftovers sitting around. Maybe you got rid of your Wii and found the Wii Remotes later, I don't know how these things happen. I'll pick them up from you if you're in Ann Arbor, or I'll meet you if you can get here. Thanks!
10-Jul-2018Ann Arbor, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for half of a metal drum that I will use for part of a fire pit.
10-Jul-2018Dearborn, MI(22 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a working portable or window unit air-conditioner. I do not have central air and it's getting unbearable.
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